Level up your game. In a yummy way.

Chocolate Clarity 

Superfood Cookie

Twelve Super Foods

9g of Protein

1g of Sugar

1,076mg Omega 3's



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Who Are Super Cookies Made For? 


What are you waiting for?!

"Exceeded my Expectations"

"When you hear the word “healthy” you would never imagine something that tasted great, right? Well think again because this cookie exceeded my expectations; not only did it taste amazing, but it gave me a much needed burst of energy! I’ll be buying many more and I suggest everyone should try it out as well!"

-Jackson Durham

Meet The Founders!

Rob Burns

- CEO -

Rhythm game player, MOBA pub-stomper, and the master chef. Improving performance AND health is what we all about son!

Adam Emerich

- President -

A little excitement and charisma never hurt anyone! Adam handles all the stellar business operations for your great experience. Also GTA 5 is the way to go.

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