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I started Health Candy Nutrition with an incredibly clear and aspirational goal in mind: to make optimizing your health, wellness, and happiness in life an incredibly simple task. With what began as a burning passion for all healthy living and eating, I desperately longed to make this knowledge accessible to the average person so that they could implement for a richer and fuller life as well.

And what better way to do that than food?

Food is not just a basic need. In fact, to many of us it's also a love! Food can make us feel good and bring incredible lasting changes to both our minds and bodies. And that's why I came up with the idea of the "Super Cookie". A cookie that not only tastes good... that not only has high quality natural ingredients... it's not just, "guilt-free"...but that can actually make you SMARTER? Tell me how many of those cookies you can find at your local supermarket!

I believe that now is the beginning of a revolution of both functional and delicious eating that not only brings you a guiltless indulgence, but that can dramatically improve your quality of life in the process!! I hope you'll join me on this epic journey, as we change the world together.


Live Awesome my friends :)

Much love,

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Robby Burns

Behind The Ingredients

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Lion's Mane
Collagen Protein
Ginkgo Biloba
Monk Fruit
Chia & Flax Seeds